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The Center

The mission of the National High Energy Physics Science Data Center (NHEPSDC) is to provide services of data archiving, sharing, scientific computing and data analyses to high energy physics and relevant scientific fields. The major data and computing services include but not limited to domestic and international projects of high energy physics, neutrino physics, cosmic and astro-particle physics, neutron physics, X and Gamma ray researches and space sciences.

Executive board

The tasks of executive board are to formulate the Policies and Procedures of the data, to make the strategy and annual plan and to identify the fabric and human resources for the data center.

Board Chair: CHEN Gang

Board Members: QI Fazhi (Co-Chair), CHENG Yaodong, JIN Shan, ZHANG Junrong, SUN Shengsen, YAO Zhiguo, LI Xiaodong.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee comprises science and computing experts who develop recommendations on development and operation of the data center. The Committee also review the status and proposals of the data center.

Committee Chair: CHEN Hesheng

Committee members:ZOU Ziming, CUI Chenzhou, ZHANG Yujun, MA Juncai, ZHOU Yuanchun, ZHAO Wenming, WU Yu,YANG Yaping, HUAI Ping, SONG Liming.

User Committee

The members of User Committee consist of the experts from research communities and the data center. The Committee consolidate user requirements and present these to the executive board. The Committee provide recommendations to the data center on issues affecting users of the data center.

Committee Chair: GAO Yuanning

Committee Members: LU Fangjun, YAO Zhiguo, ZHU Kejun, CHEN Guoming, JIN Shan, LIANG Tianjiao, LI Xiaodong, SUN Shengsen, Paul CHU, SHI Jingyan, ZHANG Hongmei.


The office is set up to deals with all day-to-day activities of administration and overseeing of the data center.