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什么是 CSTR 标识?
High energy physics (or particle physics) datasets are used for the researches on the particles, basic building blocks of universe and the ways they interact with each other. The datasets are also used on the studying the origin and evolution of the universe.
The neutron physics datasets are from experiments and projects at China Spallation Neutron Source (CSNS). The data can be used for multidisciplinary researches including material science, bio-science, environment research etc. For the moment, the data come from three instruments: a general purpose powder diffractometer, a small-angle scattering instrument and a neutron reflectometer.
Photon science data are collected from Synchrotron Radiation Facilities. The data can be used for multidisciplinary researches including advanced material, bio-technology, environment research etc.
Astrophysics data is produced by cosmic ray experiments and space astronomy satellites in China and abroad. The core scientific objectives are to explore the origin of high-energy cosmic ray and carry out the relevant studies on the basic sciences, such as the evolution of the universe, the evolution of high-energy celestial bodies, the activity of high-energy celestial bodies and dark matter.