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Data Description
The HXMT scientific data product is defined as three types: 1L data, 1P data, GRB data.
The HXMT 1L data is the observation data of "Insight" satellite for scientific observation proposals. The data content contains a fixed point observation with a continuous observation period or small-sky observation data products including scientific data, engineering Data and ground auxiliary data.
The HXMT 1P data is the SEM (Space Environmental Monitor) payload data product of "Insight" satellite, which contains SEM detection data and engineering status data, as well as other data required in the SEM load data analysis process.
The HXMT GRB Data is Gamma-Ray Bursts data monitored by "Insight" satellite.

Data Access Policy
According to the relevant policies and regulations of China and the international astronomical conventions, Insight-HMXT data are reserved for the exclusive use of proposer team for a fixed period of time ( proprietary period), after which they become publicly available (publicly period). During the proprietary period, 1L data products can only be accessed by authorized users, after which they will be publicly available for all users. Under special circumstances, for instances, extending the duration of the proprietary period or adjusting the usage of data product should ask for permissions from the principle investigator (PI) and science work committee (SWC). The HXMT 1P and GRB data can only be accessed by registered data.

Data Analysis Software
The Insight-HXMT Data Analysis Software package (HXMTDAS) is to achieve the HXMT data analysis processing and extract scientific products. Its purpose is to achieve scientific products, such as energy spectra, light curves, Ancillary Response Files (ARF), Redistribution Matrix Files (RMF) and background files. The software and document can be downloaded from the website:  http://enghxmt.ihep.ac.cn/software.jhtml


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