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Data Description
The data generated by the ARGO experiment includes: raw data, simulation data and reconstruction data. The raw data is classified into physics data and calibration data.
The physics data is consisted of events containing the electronic signals obtained from the detector, and the calibration data is obtained by the task of calibrating the detector which is performed periodically.
The simulation adopts Monte Carlo technology to generate simulated data in according to theoretical physics model. Simulation data is wildly used in detector design and physics analysis.
The reconstruction is the computing process to seek the physics information such as energy and position from electronic signals in raw data or simulation data, and produces reconstruction data which is as input for physics analysis.

Data Access Policy
The ownership of ARGO experiment data belongs to the ARGO collaboration. Only members of ARGO collaboration have the rights to access the data listed above. Organizations that have contributed to the ARGO experiment are qualified to apply the membership of the ARGO collaboration. Individuals must be affiliated to one organization which is the member of the ARGO collaboration if they would apply to become a members of the ARGO collaboration. The ARGO collaboration Institutional Board (IB) is in charge of the review and approval of the membership application.

Data Analysis Software
Data analysis software for the ARGO experiment is to reconstruct the information of air shower including core position and direction of shower. In order to process and store a large number of experiment data obtained by the ARGO experiment effectively, the Italian partners developed offline data analysis program using object-oriented programming language, which can solve all kinds of problems in physical analysis and is provided to the ARGO collaboration members as well.



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