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The BESIII data are collected from the BESIII experiment at the BEPCII electron-positron collider for the studies of hadron physics and τ-charm physics with the highest accuracy achieved in the world. The physics topics related to BESIII data analyses include the light hadron physics, charmonium physics, tau and QCD-related research, and charm physics and new physics.

Data Description
The data products of BESIII consist of three subsets, they are raw data taken from BESIII detector, simulation data generated by Monte Carlo simulation and reconstructed data produced from raw data. Reconstructed data are divided into different physics channels and details can be checked in the second half of this page.

Data Access Policy
To access the BESIII data, any organization or person should request the membership of BESIII Collaboration. The membership is managed by the Institution Board of the Collaboration. The completed policy is described at http://english.ihep.cas.cn/bes/doc/2823.html.


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