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LHCb (Large Hadron Collider beauty) experiment data are collected by the LHCb at the Large Hadron Collider. LHCb experiment data are used to study the particle called the “beauty quark”, or “b quark”, and further to investigate the slight difference between matter and antimatter. “b quark” is hidden in the massive amount of experiment data. Physicists can dig out the “b quark” from the experiment data with the proper algorithms. Besides, LHCb data include part of simulation data used as the basics of subsequent analysis.

Data Description
LHCb data have three subsets, they are proton-proton collision data, heavy ion and fixed-target data and Monte Carlo simulation data. The proton-proton collision data are used to study the rare decay and CP violation processes in heavy flavor hadron decay, so as to accurately test the standard model and indirectly find new physical processes. It can also be used to research the basic properties of strong interaction and search for new resonance states. The heavy ion collision data are unique for LHCb experiment which can be used to study cold nuclear matter and quark gluon plasma in high-energy nuclear physics. The Monte Carlo simulation data generated by computer represent the physical process of the target and the role of the detector, which are used to make comparison with the experimental data.

Data Access Policy
LHCb experiment data are owned by LHCb Collaboration. To access the data, any organization or person should request to be the member of LHCb Collaboration. An organization or institution that make contributions to LHCb experiment can apply to be a member of LHCb Collaboration. An individual should join an organization or institution which has been the member of LHCb Collaboration, and then he/she can be the member of LHCb Collaboration. The Institution Board of LHCb experiment has the right to approve a member request, the details how to request to be a LHCb member can be found: https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/pub/LHCb/LHCbDataPreservation/130321-LHCbDataAccessPolicy.pdf      

Data Analysis Software
LHCb data analysis software is used to analyze the LHCb data. DaVinci is the main data analysis software of LHCb. It’s developed based on Gaudi framework and provided as a group of components. To use DaVinci software, please refer to http://lhcbdoc.web.cern.ch/lhcbdoc/analysis/  


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